We track all recent trends in e-mobility, therefore, our solutions are driven by innovative remote communication and positioning technologies. In fact, all elements of our green e-mobility system interactively contribute to the transport process.

Thanks to high-tech GNSS positioning technology (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) we are able to identify the current position of the vehicle as well as the way it is being used at the given moment. We can also control the status of all built-in sensors. Monitoring of the maintenance trends helps us to optimize the management regime of your vehicle and thus lower the maintenance costs.

What is more, intelligent supervision enables us to provide special care for your fleet and passengers and also remotely control the parameters of the vehicle. Besides, it makes it possible for us to significantly reduce our service centre response time.

Eventually, since this way we are collecting extensive information about the maintenance of your fleet, we are able to propose you a suitable optimisation of its size and suggest improvements in regard to vehicle type, arrangement of charging stations etc.

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